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Brandon was born May 24, 1995 in Louisville, Kentucky. He is the son of Mike Stewart and Melanie Tomlinson Stewart. Brandon was raised with his two brothers, Ryan and Tyler Stewart, in Carrollton, Kentucky and attended Carroll County Public Schools.


He took piano and voice lessons at eight years old, and soon after, found himself on stage by the age of fourteen, appearing as Danny Zuko in a sold out run of "Grease," the musical. After several other musicals later, including "Hello Dolly" and "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," Brandon went on to open for George Jones on his Farewell Tour. By his senior year of high school, he made it on the 12th Season of American Idol following his audition in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Brandon graduated Carroll County High School in May 2013 and attended college at Bellarmine University before moving to Los Angeles to attend film school.


Brandon found his passion after launching his talent/brand focused social agency in 2020, that has gone on to earn more than 16 billion views worldwide, launching hundreds of careers, and entertaining 110+ million subscribers across 63 new media channels. Now a producing partner at XRM Media, and founder of Brandon TV, that has become the fastest growing unscripted streaming platform in the world, he has been forging 'fingertip entertainment' that breaks the algorithm, creating viral videos on apps like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and even former social focused sites like Vine, Musically, and Twitter. Brandon is bridging the gap between Gen Z and Gen Alpha's shorter attention spans, and traditional viewing trends for Boomers and Millennials. 


The Brandon TV streaming app is the next phase in Stewart’s media strategy, combining social media and streaming all in one place. A community that gamifies the streaming experience, with the reality TV genre becoming the conduit that starts it all.


The first series trailer for "Mad House" garnered 192M views on TikTok in 5 days.

"Nothing makes me happier than inspiring others to live their dream."

                                                             - Brandon Stewart

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